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Funny to see 50+ people viewing this subsection today while there's usually maybe 3. Cruise must be coming up!

Rain or shine, we're rolling. Routes are kept 100% secret until the morning of.

As I stated earlier I ran the new route on Saturday and I'm happy to say it was fantastic. I made several more changes from my experience on the practice run all aimed at making the event run smoother, faster, and ensure you all leave happy. Instead of the cramped Tim Hortons-only lunch venue we used in past years, we now visit a large rest stop complex with McDonald's, Subway, a grocery store, and a gas station attached. Tim Hortons is still across the street for the die hard Canadians. No more waiting 20 minutes for lunch service! No more leaving the lunch meet to get gas! More time for fun!

The new roads are jaw-dropping. I drove during the "peak" travel hours Saturday (9-5) and routinely 30 minutes would pass by without me seeing another human being. No traffic, no pedestrians, no traffic lights...just constantly curving roads and great scenery. It's car enthusiast heaven up there.

Take a second to look at the original post as I've revised timing and mileage to reflect the final changes. If you skip dinner, you should be back into Toronto around 7pm.

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