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Originally Posted by mr ilia View Post
No joke man, but change the gearbox oil. Sounds like, the oil you have in in the gearbox now is too heavy. The oil type greatly affects the shifting and operation of the gear syncros.
I doubt that. He says it shifts decent on cold, than warms the fluid and it shifts worse. When the fluid warms up it's becomes thinner, therefore it's supposed to go in gears easier not harder. Common problem on most bmw's, 2nd gear goes in hard on cold.

IMO: You have an issue in the flywheel/pressure plate/clutch area. Don't know to be exact. As for your short shift kit, if it's too short and you have it for a while, you probably worn your syncros abit by now.

1. Check your slave, bleed if needed.
2. If slave is good, take the transmission off and check clutch assembly.
3. If clutch is fine, look for a gearbox.
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