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Originally Posted by BellaSignora View Post
Lol.... I'm killing myself at the 'pussy magnet' label attached to my black beast...

But i do understand how everyone else out there with a poorly equipped 'pussy magnet' wants to race. What I love is when dudes roll up on me at a light.. sorry i mean fly up at me at the light... and see i'm a chick. Its great handing their asses to them and see them slink away.

I no where condone street racing. But I have to be honest and admit I have a very heavy Italian lead foot. (My father has a 97 Mustang GT) Over the years of being a passenger in what ever tuned up sports car he had I've seen over and over again, cars that had no business competing, trying to race him.

My pet peeve is the Grand Am/Grand Prix... they are always lurking about thinking they are the fastest thing on the road....

I can't wait for the nice weather, i'm so excited to take my baby to the track.

i've never been to a track before. would you mind telling me where is a good track to put my car to the limit. also i'm thinking of getting those Bmw driving lessons. i think they will be awesome
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