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Chris' E30 M50 Track Build

Well its time i post what i have been up to the last couple of months. For those who are interested, here is my story. For those who are'nt, your welcome to skip through the photos!

So last autoX season i was running my Subaru Impreza which was also my daily driver at the time. It had a couple of tasteful mods as well as some "go fast" mods and did pretty good finishing 3rd in C class.

Throughout the season i was constently bugging my brother (sb_600, currently building the m52) to let me drive his e36 for one of the events. He finally caved and let me co-drive it at the final event of the season. I instantly fell in love and knew i had to have a car like this. So it was time to get serious for next season and build a dedicated track car.

After the event i got right down to researching what was out there, and what my options were. I quickly decided i wanted to build an e30. It worked out well as Shawn so happened to purchase an m50 block before he found the m52 and had no use for it. Needless to say, the m50 block would go to good use in an e30.

So after a couple of months of searching, i found this:

A 1991 318is, which would make for a perfect starting platform.

Not too long after picking it up, i started tearing it down.

Removing Tar:

Wiring removed:


All Cleaned up. Got some rust repair to do.

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