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Originally Posted by dble Trouble View Post
Threads like this drive me up the wall. This is why you SHOULD do several performance driving schools prior to ever attempting a lapping day. Sure your $90 event fee doesn't seem so cheap now does it? $90 for the event, almost had to pay for a tow, (got lucky there) $300 for a tire. Next door at the GP track a far superior venue, we had a two day event with instruction for $499. 130 participants 50 instructors not one car damaged in any way over a 3 day weekend. Hmmmmmmmm. Not to mention a tax receipt for tax deductions next year, an event golf shirt, catered dinner Saturday pm including beers!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm again. BMWdouche you should come out to our next event June 2-3 at the Mosport GP track and see what it's all about!
While I would love to attend a proper track day at the GP track, I wish I could afford it appropriately. It is definitely something I wish to be doing in a few years, but I've done a few lapping days with no issues. The issue here, was purely my fault - over aggressive driving - at the end of the day with brakes and tyres running very hot. My car was the only car there that seemed to be damaged (granted there were QUITE a few horrible drivers that made it less fun for the rest of us). Not to knock what you're saying - I just cant afford a 500$ track weekend + hotels. It isn't cus we don't want to have an awesome weekend of top notch instruction and an awesome driving experience at a proper GP track - it's just that we can't afford it. I know that every once in a while you get caught off guard with a ripped tyre or spent brakes, but I'm sure you realize what I'm saying.
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