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Originally Posted by v_bimmer View Post
i would say the complete opposite.

I taught 2 people how to drive manual on my old 540i, and they haven't stalled once, and one of them was a girl.

I think that 540i clutch, is way more forgiving than others.

Maybe something is not right on your car, as it is very easy to drive.
It's certainly possible, although it's not changed at all in the 4+ years I've driven it. It does have the longest clutch in any car I've ever driven, and seems particular about the rev matching between gears. First and second are tough to get smooth shifts out of, although gears 3+ are dead easy. I suppose it's possible the synchros are worn on those two gears, or it might be the bushings as 5style suggested. In any case, it's rather moot at this point as I found a buyer for it, and picked up a 335d in it's place. He seemed happy with the performance though, and Rocco @ RMP never seemed to think anything was wrong with it whenever he drove it.
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