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E46s can be a pain... They're also awesome. Dont let the good outshine the bad. I urge you to believe in treat it well and you can expect good results

1. So there was.... No passionate make-out involved :p? You're obviously not using your BMW to its full extent! But seriously ya it sucks turn on front and back defogger all the way and wait a minute. Rolling windows down also works

2. Dsc off is fine just be careful! Your 330 will have. Good amount of power for sure

4. Seats are uncomfortable after a while. Try adjusting them so upriver seated in a good upright driving position not doin a gangsta lean

5. Dynavin is the most oem looking replacement option, but costs a pretty penny

6. As advised above, do all maintenance as soon as its needed using good oem or better quality parts. Preventative is also good. If anything specific comes up, post here and someone will help you out with insight

Good luck looks like you're already having fun

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