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E46 New Owner advise

I have only had the car for a few days now and overall i'm really impressed. Ive been extremely busy with xmas stuff - so hadnt had much time to read up. I just have a few questions:

1. Foggy Windows : It was raining the past few days in Toronto and the windows fogged up like crazy -almost as if i was passionately making out with someone- i fiddled around with the ac/heat - front and rear were fixed but side windows impaired visibility. Is there a way to fix this quickly - I have never experienced this in any of my previous cars.

2. DSC : I plan to keep the car for a while so wanna take good care of it, so today for the first time i switch off dsc and gave it the beans on a slightly snow covered road - man that was fun, the 330 definitely has some decent power. I would just like to know what would be considered too harsh on the drive train/engine - and what is ok?

3. Mirror Discolouration : Im assuming this is somehow related to the mirror heating - which leads me to the question - are they always heated? And is it as easy as just replacing the glass?

4. Seats : This is prolly the worst one for me, before purchasing this car i was under the impression that BMWs made the best seats - boy was i wrong, or maybe its just my specific car - the cushioning seems hard. Ive tried to contort my body into different shapes and positions but just hard - maybe the sport seats are better.

5. Music Options: Im assuming that the standard deck only plays audio cds and not mp3 cds, the deck on my other car (aftermarket) has a usb option and since im so used to it hard to go back. I want to keep this car as stock as possible - what other audio option do i have?

6. Future Services : The car has about 73k (mainly because it was stored for a while) apart from the basic maintenance (fluids/filters etc.) what are some major services that might potentially burn a deep hole in my wallet?

Thats all for now, More questions later.
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