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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
The coke, the crystal meth, the mdma, as well right?

When did you become an economist? I didn't know that supply side economics works that way.
Pretty sure meth and E would be an ideal drug to be manufactured by industry, it utilizes chemicals they already have access to in large volume vs. illegal manufacture which uses other forms of the chemicals or even different more dangerous ones. It means they could put a cleaner version of the drug on the market, MDMA is a prime candidate for this. In it's pure form, it has little chance of doing harm to you. However when made by a drug addict or someone who has no clue what they're doing and cuts it with something bad, you have 15 year old girls dropping like flies.

It's called history Sirex, this has happened before and when the bans were lifted, the crime moved on. Why is it you think illegal drugs are any different?
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