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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
So on the one hand, these drugs are fueling a drug war south of the border.

On the other hand, legalize it?

How does that make sense? Don't you think the cartels will fight for the "drug" contracts then and for the land to make the cocaine? What did you think they were fighting over?

Or is Molson/Coors going to grow cocaine for us??
Absolutely if it becomes legal big business will hop on-board and profit off it. You'd be naive to think they wouldn't for fear of tarnishing their reputations. Profit is profit, and guaranteed someone will be willing to grow pot/poppies/coca in North America once it becomes legal.

No the cartels are not going to get any business once it becomes legal. How much tobacco or barely is being grown by organized crime groups?

Sometimes I think you argue just for the sake of it.

Originally Posted by 1BADBMR View Post
A lil chronic hurts nobody
Cept the people dying for it.

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