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Originally Posted by calegrant View Post
I think Texas.

They're desperately clinging onto a failed "war on drugs" as though stiffer punishments for minor drug offences is in some way going to lessen the impact of crime, it's not. I do however think that pot offences down there do need to be looked at more seriously than up here. In Canada, your weed is likely grown in someone's basement and changes hands only a few times with relatively peaceful criminals. Down there that "harmless" weed is fueling a real war south of the border, I think the people smoking it and thinking nothing of it need to accept some responsibility for that violence.

Real solution? Legalize it, coke too!

So on the one hand, these drugs are fueling a drug war south of the border.

On the other hand, legalize it?

How does that make sense? Don't you think the cartels will fight for the "drug" contracts then and for the land to make the cocaine? What did you think they were fighting over?

Or is Molson/Coors going to grow cocaine for us??
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