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Thanks folks. Guess I'm a lucky ba$tard then because I had just exited the 407 when I notice the smell of oil and when I got to work about 2 blocks from the highway I was starting to see smoke. I had been driving for 15 mins at highway speed + a little.

VCG is now done with a cleanup of the plugs and coils...after installation I was thinking I should have maybe looked at changing the vanos seals...but I guess I'll save that for a warmer day. Now just comtemplating the Oil Separator. I've got the upper intake boot off and I'm looking at the lower scratching my head as to how to get at the clamps. I had this boot replaced by a shop about 2 years back and they put the clamps on facing hard to get at. Will attempt that tomorrow or Wed.

thanks again for the feedback guys. I'm new here and although I have some mechanical understanding I'm relatively new to fixing this beast. So I'll dive right in with this baby and probably wish I hadn't....but that's what the victory beer is for.
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