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Originally Posted by Spawn44 View Post
Thanks Holden, I appreciate your input, I have read your blogs and many of your replies here and can see your a knowledgable person when it comes to car detailing.
I was also leaning toward the klasse but it was some comments on the pain removing the SG that had me second guessing.But it sound like those problems are due to not reading the instructions(less is more, and waiting proper time)
Would you recommend a QD to use inbetween washes and which wash sould i use that wont remove the klasse. Also if i do the klasse duo in the spring do i do the duo in the fall before winter or just add SG to it. Thanks
You're welcome. I really enjoy helping people with their detailing needs.

Klasse SG is only difficult to apply, as I stated, when applied too liberally. Less is more when it comes to detailing. No need to wait any time, though. There is no real "cure" time for Klasse.

I don't really recommend using a QD without washing. Ideally, you will use a QD to perform upkeep on the coat of SG.

A great formula for a QD is to mix distilled/filtered water with SG at a ratio of six parts water, one part Klasse SG (6:1). Alternately, you may use Meguiars UQD, Poorboy's Spray & Wipe, or Wolfgang Instant Detail. Any of these will be perfectly fine.

It is recommended if you perform a detail only twice a year to use both Klasse AIO & SG at each time. I would also recommend that you use a claybar each time. The clay will remove some wax and anywhere from 80-100% of embedded contaminates. AIO will remove the remainder of the wax making the finish LSP ready.
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