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Zaino AIO/CS or Klasse AIO/SG

I know this has come up before but I just want an opinion between the two and please no comments on other products that might be better because after doing tons of research on different car detailing forums these two products(well maybe not the zaino aio/cs because they are fairly new)seem to always come up on top in most areas overall.
I use to do my own detailing when i had a better car then for last few years have been driving a junker. I know own a 2002 325i(titanium silver) that is in immaculate shape.(previous owner said he used eagleone nano wax 3-4 times a year)
Anyway back to the question, as a pretty much newbie to the detailing world which one would be better for me and my silver car. Taking into consideration
ease of application, overall durability and end result. I would like one of these that would require maybe 2 applications a year(spring and fall)with regular wash and QD inbetween.
Your inputs would be appreciated as spring is coming and i would like to purchase one of these kits soon.

Thanks in advance
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