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Originally Posted by spoony_prelude View Post
I'm Catholic, although I'm not a hard core believer. I guess I was born into it so I continue to carry the religion. A lot of the stuff related to it I don't believe. If God were real, how can he let so much death happen, allow so many diseases to spread, take loved ones away so soon..... and so on. Hope that doesn't offend anyone on here. It's just how I think.

Also Catholic, Not offended at the least, everyone has there right to there opinion.. but anyone who follows a faith believes that its "there time" to depart... but naturally people die.. its the way of life! I'm sure you know the story on Noas ark... God told Noa to build an ark and take all animals of opposite sex and go.. the reason why this is, is because the world was currupt.. god punished the sinners.... so i guess this is his way to punish us... knowing that this world today is soooo ****ed ... but then again, i can be wrong about my theory.. but i tend to think about it.. and makes sence of me
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