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Originally Posted by Meegis View Post
Wow, I actually said they do have problems, but dont take the fact that one problematic car means ALL are problematic. You just seem to have had a bad experience and now your blasting any other opinion.

I own an Audi and have never had any major problems with it. Take a chill pill and take the BMW love cock out of your ass. Both companies are similair, and until you have experience with both (more than, I had one this one time) you might be a little less biased.

I know this is a bmw forum, and yes, there is a bias, and I know im fighting a lost cause, but all I am trying to say is, check the history, be thorough inspecting the car and you should be able to find the problems before the purchase decision.
Hey, Wake up Call Meegis. I have no "BMW Love Cock" up my ass. The fact I own a BMW doesn't mean I love them. They are great cars, but POS when it comes to owning them.

I hate owning my car. I love driving it. My next car is not going to be a BMW. If I do buy a new one again, I'm going to beat the living day lights out of that thing and return it back to BMW Canada wet at the end of the lease. I wonder if BMW fixed their vanos issue; it’s only been 15 years.

I was going to say, that you definitely have your head straight up VW/Audi's ass. You CEO has publicly mentioned, that he's working on their reliability issues. You keep ignoring that fact.

I will highlight some VW/Audi Facts from that article ( )

VW hasn’t made a dime in the U.S. since 2002, when, incidentally, it sold 100,000 more vehicles than last year. VW lost something on the order of

VW’s best year in the U.S. was 1970, when it sold 569,000 vehicles.

The company can’t seem to get the stuff here. It’s no longer acceptable to launch the new-generation model in Europe and force the U.S. to wait a year or more for the same car. Audi executives told AutoObserver at the Detroit auto show they know it is not a good situation, saying, “We have to manage that.”

Oh, and PS… I’m totally chilled.

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