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Welcome abord I own a 318is and I regret not buying a 325is....The reason why I bought a 318 was for insurance it's cheaper then a 325 or 328....

The problems....I always look for

Make sure AC works
Moonroof that tilts
Head Gasket (was it changed)
Wear and Tear

I actually brought mine to my buddy who is a mechanic, and he checked everything, Exhaust, balljoints, lines...etc....

Just the normal stuff, I don't really think there's anything too notorius about them, just the head gasket.

I bought mine 3 years ago at 221,000km.....

1st year
changed plugs
needed rack and pinion. ($600 lifetime warranty installed)
block heater fell apart????(That was close to $100)

2nd year

3rd year
Brakes ($600)

Now I need a Body job..that's $1800...

That is what was needed plus all the oil changes.....Summer only car btw. I'm at 257,000km now.

I hope this helps you a bit, but like I said try and vear towards a 6cyl you will not regret it...

1994 318is-Sold July 13th 2010.. Sad Sad Day
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