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Originally Posted by 02miata
Some magizine specs I hate being a mag racer.

1996 BMW 318ti 8.4 16.4
Now that was the 1.9 you have the 1.8 and would be slower For comparison sake

1995 Dodge Neon Sport Coupe 8.0 16.2
1987 Chevrolet Beretta GT 8.3 16.3
1993 Ford Escort GT 8.4 16.5
1995 Mazda Protege ES 8.7 16.6

Ur car is so from a beast. I dont know how you could claim that. Ur life must suck knowing those cars would beat you or give you a run!
Well here we go again. Chill guys, this is all for fun.
Oh, by the way they would have had you under braking and in the twisties.
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