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In my research, I've never really found a good reason to get the Bilsteins. I'll elaborate, and please someone contest me if you have solid data against anything I say.

In valving, the Bilsteins are stiffer than the Konis in compression, but the complete opposite in rebound. Because of this, the Bilsteins aren't able to handle spring rates higher than the typical H&R Sport or Eibach Pro-Kit, because they can't control the oscillation. Meanwhile, thanks to already-firm plus adjustable to be even firmer rebound on the Konis, they will handle just about any rate you throw at them. The softer compression rate also lends a much more comfortable ride with the Konis, as undulations don't provide the harsh immediate feedback you get with the Bilsteins. Also many note that after a bump the Koni equipped car will settle immediately, while the Bilstein car will take an extra moment (due to the rebound difference). This makes the car feel much more composed. Keep in mind however that Bilsteins can be revalved, but at a cost that makes them more expensive than Konis in the end.

Another large difference between the two is that the Koni dampers are a twin-tube design, which theoretically lends a longer piston stroke and therefore more travel. Suspension travel in the front of our cars is very sparse, so this is an important advanatge. Plus, the bumpstops with Konis are external, and can be trimmed down to aid some applications. The Bilstein stops are internal, and cannot be modified, at least by anyone but Bilstein. On very low cars Bilstein Sports bottom out excessively, which proves these theories correct.

This "knowledge" is compiled from years of reading forums and speaking with Bilstein and Koni representatives and even a retired Bilstein engineer (who interestly enough convinced me that the Koni design is better). Take it all for what it's worth, of course.
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