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Great track event guys.

My tires took a beating but I'm just glad I didn't break anything!

Next time we should have someone stand at the side and time our laps Towards the end I started to learn the lines better and when the straights came I hit a higher top speed each time. I also scrubbed off less speed by reduced tire squeeling and braking. When I first got there I could only get 3 laps max in at a time before I had to cool down the brakes/tires. But towards the end I got a good 5-6 laps in with no sign of brake fade or tires overheating.

Kevin, you're hardcore! You smoked your tires and brakes to oblivion but still kept going!

Thanks to E36_M_Power for organizing the event and keeping things relatively safe.

The only thing I hated was the long ass boring drive back home

Anyways, hope to see you guys at another track event in the future.

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