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Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
You`re right...and you`re wrong too! NOT everyone is like that on here and NOT everyone is helpful on R3v either.

Generally, a smart ass statement with lack of respect and snot nosed attitude will get you a smart ass answer. I am not defending anyone in particular here but there is good and bad in every bunch. all depends on how you decide to portray yourself and approach the situation. this could definitely result in how one gets treated. And perhaps the one requesting may want to examine how they want to be treated.
My comment was total sarcasm.

I have asked so many questions on here and I always get an answer. I'm sure a lot of the stuff I was asking was common knowledge to a lot of people but I still got answers or was guided in the right direction.

The same may not be said about other forums especially if you start giving people attitude.
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