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Unfortunately this will never stop happening. People are retarded and clueless behind the wheel of a car. It's good that you concentrate fully while driving cause about 99% of the people on the road don't. Or are always in to big of a hurry. I drive 80k lbs ready mix trucks all day everyday in the GTA. It's big, and it's very very slow. But it's a hard truck to stop and people ALWAYS cut me off. Atleast 20+ times a day and have 2-5 close calls a day from crazy people on the roads. Not to mention all the times I see people running red lights etc. just to save 2-5 minutes off their commute. So if you haven't had a big wreck or any wrecks in 50 years. Keep doing what your doing. Accident happen but if you concentrate 100% behind the wheel the will be less likely.
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