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Silly bumhed. ^^

Also... for those who are PM'ing me about the labour... it's DIRTY.

3 days (10 hour days) of DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY hard labour. I pay the locals $10/hr, and that is the rate non-negotiable.

Think pulling 1-4 acres of cattails by hand.

Think clearing brush, or walking through 1km of trail trimming branches, cutting trees, flattening some of the camp areas.

Location is Lakefield, ON - just outside of Peterborough. approx. 1.50 - 2.25 hrs North/East of Toronto:

Simple (but not best/shortest) directions to give an idea:
401E -> 115N
115N -> Television Rd./Hwy 7
Hwy 7E -> CR-40 (to Crowe's landing)
CR-40 -> CR-6 (Stoney Lake Road).

Over 25 acres of forest, swamp, and trail with camps, many springs, wells, and acres of water.

Do you know what chest waders are? YOU'LL NEED THEM.
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