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Originally posted by Miguel
Finally.. some action on maXBimmer.. things were getting boring!

Lowering civics means nothing. You can get coilovers for like $300 for those cars.
Low KMs is a different story.

for a 93 with those kms, expect to pay $5500-$7000 for it.
heres a pic of a sweet paintjob.
coilovers are selling on toronto civics $100 from a group buy...and good ones (sorta).

Rob, i hope it doesnt got sticky'll make it even slower!

what is used to lower it? new shocks? wat kind?no one my bro's age buys a civic to get to work and back as it is, it will most likely have a set of GSR rims, and an sir motor during the summer.

also, AS a honda sales man, you should know 125k is nothing for a well maintaned honda..right?

also your civic is over priced, lower it like a grand MIGHT get you some sales. I know your a sales man and u sell more hondas than me (i hope lol) but quit trying to make a buck off some kid who worked hard for his money, who might buy your car. not everyone has parents to buy them cars, or gets hand me downs like you did.

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