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So I'm planning on taking the car out to Mosport for Tuesday. Hopefully the weather holds up since I dont really have anything to drive on in the rain yet

I got some work done on the car the last two days, the car is almost ready.

Nice new hood and bumper were painted last week so I went ahead and installed those. The car looks much cleaner now.

Hood pins and whatnot:

Today I tackled the brake ducts which weren't the easiest things to figure out. But I'm very happy with how they turned out. I used the original ducts I had made out of fiberglass and mounted them to the bumper shocks rather than the bumper. This way I can remove the bumper without having to undo anything.

Ducts mounted:

Hose routed:

The tires slightly pinch the tubing around full lock so I'm going to get some rack limiters in the future to prevent any damage.

So only a few small things to check off the list. I still need to drain the coolant and full it with water, tinker with the brakes a little more and possibly put the bigger front swaybar on.

We'll see how things go!

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