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Very excited to get out! I agree Cayuga would be amazing practice in the rain. I wish Shannonville was closer!

As for the front swaybar, yes on most vehicles a stiffer bar will increase understeer. I can't remember the reasoning behind the E36's geometry but Scotch (Arek from 8legsracing) explained it in a thread on here somewhere. A huge sway bar on any E36 track car is definitely a no brainer. Same goes for the E46.

I'm happy with the way I'm driving through 3 and 8, but it is definitely the car holding me back. I prefer the way my daily driver e36 behaves in those two corners specifically haha. So I'm going to pull the UUC bar off that and put it on the M3.

Once that is done and the brakes are sorted, I'm very confident in dropping my laptimes significantly this year. I averaged mid to high 1:36's last season but I believe the car has atleast 1:34 in it, probably even quicker once I improve as a driver.

I'm shipping out the leaky shock to TcKline tomorrow, hopefully I'll have that back in within two weeks.

Dakar M3 Track Build Thread
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