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MAF Question

Hey Guys,

I recently bought an 02 bmw 320i used. The idle was a little rough so I changed the air filter and cleaner the MAF with a q-tip. Since Im an idiot, I broke one of the filaments on the MAF (ouch). I bought a replacement on ebay, installed it and now I am getting p0171 and p0174 codes. My scanner tells me at idle MAF is reading 3.5 g/s which is normal. I have just put in a new rad cleared codes and havent driven it really before this happen so it IS possible I had the p0171 and p0174 before. It is not idling rough and the acceleration seems fine but again I have not much to compare it too since I basically only drove it 3 min from where I bought it to my house. Can anyone give me some guidance on a way to diagnose if the MAF I bought is defective before I complain to the part supplier? Thanks in advance!
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