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Shameful Plan

Yes, I wound the Allen plug 5 turns, then gave it another 2.
Not much change, but some.
It's interesting that when I bought the car there was an Allen key rattling around on the plug and the PO said that when he bought the car the Allen key was there so he just left it.

Now the plan. I'm so ashamed... please stop reading.
On Monday (which is my birthday) I'm going to drop the car off at a popular and expensive local BMW fixer. They're going to install the timing belt I bought last spring, measure the fuel pressure and check the timing. Then they can do the CO read that my favourite BMW restoration book says is so essential to adjusting that Allen plug.
Hey, it's my birthday... it's my birthday present, see?

I promise that I will continue to keep my hands dirty on this car. While they're doing all that house keeping I'm taking the day off and going to the junkyard for a ski-pass seatback, a spoiler and a real BMW radio.
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