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Originally Posted by nab24- View Post
Hey guys, been a while since I've done an update on here but that doesn't mean the car hasn't received any love! Car got the window rails fixed and are very solid now so I'm going to be replacing the window tint soon, I purchased a mtech body kit from Maranello BMW and had it painted at European Autobody. And now it's installed and the car looks 1000x better. I have only one more issue with the motor and that is my camshaft positioning sensor, which will arrive tomorrow and be installed by thursday!

I would like to replace my clutch and flywheel with a performance clutch and lightwieght flywheel and if anyone has any solid suggestions on that with links to the place to buy it would be greatly appreciated.

Window tint on a trackcar? You seem to be doing everything BUT making a track car.

Dakar M3 Track Build Thread
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