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Originally Posted by Racer View Post
To argue about it on the internet is pointless, but I am certain that I can drive circles around you.
a tad cocky eh? you have no idea how much seat-time I've got, how many laps I've completed, how many different tracks I've gone too, what my laps times were like, nor do you have any idea what kind of power my car makes or how the car is setup. you just seem to think your a better driver than everyone on this forum with no prior knowledge of the person you claim to be able to drive circles around( lol @ your moms mazda, sounds like a serious track weapon you've got there) you MIGHT actually be a good driver despite all this douchebaggish trolling, but for some reason i seriously doubt it, but please do everyone on this forum a favour and take your head out of your ****ing ass dude, you have proved to everyone on max in a very short amount of time, that you sir, are a dick head!!!!!
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