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Originally Posted by v_bimmer View Post
i think you did the right thing, i would do the same!! but he is a dumbass and its not your fault, too bad you didnt get his plate

People in need are people in need. better stop than carry on. Saying this its a few good things to know about this situations:
1)always call it in first
2)always make sure you are safe and then that others are too.(put alarms on and warning triangle out)
3)good to have some basic first aid knowledge.
4)never try and be a hero.
5)always act calm and dont let the people involved affect you by their actions as people in these situations are 90% sure not to act logicaly.

In any case i always stop.
Its what i would expect from others to do if i was in an accident.
Same the guy was an idiot and good you guys are ok!

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