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Originally Posted by SamE30e View Post
I'm going to say it again I appreciate all that the BMW Trillium club does, which is why I come out even if I'm not driving, just to help. So thank you, you do an amazing job. Everyone has options in where they can go for auto x but we all stay here because of the people. I know thats why I do. Good?
Are you sure? Say it like you mean it LOL

Originally Posted by MarkD View Post
We normally paid $15 to enter an autocross event, are the prices going up to $30 now on a permanent basis? I read the posted prices twice in case I read it wrong, but it appears like it's $30 per event.
Yeah 15 is what it used to be way back when... 20 was so we could have lunch. Its now 30 because I believe they have to pay for the lot. In any case, there isn't any other cheaper AutoXs, I bet all the Casc Solosprint ones are more, and I know for fact the Porsche club AutoXs are 30 bucks as well.

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