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peace= piece
you should consider revising your sentences.. Spelling mistakes make me angry lol.
But anyways, if you want a 4 door, get a 325i. and swap an lsd and a few odds and ends in. You'll have a 325is pretty well. You would want to do the suspension anyways, and the motors are the same in the 325i and 325is.
you can pick up the nice is interior aswell, this is what i did. Im just waiting for this semester to end so i can get an m3 lsd, and get some new struts.

The eta is just not the right car to start throwing alot of money into. Plus, you will never get the money back if you go to sell it. Regardless of the condition.

As for insurance, my 87 325e and 90 325i were the same. 4 door, color, etc, does not really matter once you hit the 15yr plus mark. I say sell the car, throw out a few more bucks and get an is. You will be happy with the difference of the two cars for the amount of money you invested. Take the 2500-3000(maybe) for your car and pick up an is with a few mods for 4500bucks.
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