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Originally Posted by Miguel
jealous much?
No. Absolutely not. Why do you attempt to turn any thread I post in into a flame war?

Originally Posted by Slowered318
windsors car has a lot more work done to it then it looks, he's wasted a good chunk of money on it.. not to mention a mean noz fogger system, and Armenian diamond cutter quality leather interior.
I'm sure it does. I'm not trying to talk him down, he knows where he and his car stands with me. I just don't see its place in a tuning mag.

Originally Posted by jeremy
al's car is TITS...if jordan doesn't wanna learn what all went in to it,that's his loss .....nuff said
I'm well aware whats gone into it, and whats been done. I've already stated what I feel the end result is.

This isnt a debate. I just stated my opinion. Thats that. >>> On with the thread.
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