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My dad is leasing a black/black interior C300 7 speed automatic, the sport package is optional for free. and you get all the goodies like stiffer suspension new grill etc.

in the winter, ive actually only drove it a couple of times in the winter. once during some unplowed road. We dont have the 4 wheel drive version, but there is so much technology you got to be an idiot to slide out or get stuck.
most definitly would need a winter tire package.

one thing i hated about the 7 speed is say your cruising around 60, and your going to punch it... it will take 2-4 seconds before you actually start moving lol the computer is trying to select the proper gear. any one with a 7 speed will know what im talking about.

all in all it is a very comfortable good looking car.
id highly recommend not getting the 230, there simply wouldnt be enough power.
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