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Originally Posted by hockeyfan27 View Post
She/He may be with a smaller brokerage and only have contracts with a few companies.

1 ticket shouldn't be hurting you that bad if at all, it's your age. Sub 25 yr old male = small fortune.

Even if you haven't been driving for a year, as long you can prove prior insurance experience you should be ok. Have you never been listed on a policy as a driver? even as an occasional counts!
Yea, age really sucks when it comes to being a guy.. oh well =\

I had my 04 under myself and was paying 340$ for a full year and a couple months before I got rid of the car. So I do have prior insurance policies. I called Barry @ Roughly Insurance in Oshawa (My parents are under him for their insurance) and he couldn't find anyone that would insure a 20+ old car. I told him my buddy Matt is 20yrs old with the same car but a 88 and he's under the same insurance broker but with Aviva and he's paying around 260ish. I just don't understand WTF is going on :S This insurance crap is really throwing me for a loop. So I'm going today to get the plates transfer along with the ownership but I'm hoping that the MTO will take my old policy for my old car and give me a temp so I can get a safety done in T.O. who knows tho.... this whole thing is just ugly >_< Seriously getting pissed off about this insurance bullshit.. anyone else have any problems insuring a 20+ old car as a daily?
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