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Originally Posted by lvan View Post
I wanted to get a honest opinion on advantages on buying late model E46. If I am not mistaken, some 2004-2006 E46 with low mileage come with Cpo warranty.. I was adviced by a few E46 owners that warranty may not be big help because there is a lot wear and tear items that don't get covered. Those would be control arms, water pump and all sorts of tear and wear parts. When the market gets flooded with E90/E92 models, will I get some more coin that I would pay now for a late model E46?

I am just looking for a decent advice. My E30 has been reliable like a tank, so I expect the similar from the E46 line up.
CPO does cover those things, but the problem is that they will replace it with the same parts that will wear out again. ie. you don't want them to replace your control arm bushings, because they will just wear out again, your better off upgrading to Meyle, Powerflex, etc. and they will replace with another plastic blade waterpump, but you should really get the metal impeller.

but in the end, it's always better to have warranty than not especially for the large things.
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