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Originally Posted by dbworld4k View Post
You mean $0.02. And this isn't F1. You want a fix and action, do that crap onthe track and not endangering other people. Get the hint. Multiple members are complaining about your antics. Clearly you must be doing SOMETHING wrong if you're the only one who shares your point of view.
People made a big deal out of one pass, that doesn't seem normal to me, therefore there is nothing to apologize for. Everyone was passing, but only the old 5 series gets blamed. I know i'm the only one in an E34 at the cruise, but damn take it easy with the flaming. I got passed by 10 E36 and 10 E46's and had stones in my window, and i'm not gonna say a thing about them just because the majority of you drive one and are gonna support each other.
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