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Originally Posted by v_bimmer View Post
did i mention anything about my car??? did i say i have something on you??? the guy that is hilarious is you, because this is not a competition!! and even if it was trust me i would choose my 320 s50 e36 over your car ANYDAY!! but it wasnt the point i was making, the point is, stop bragging about your grossery getter 320, peace
I'm not bragging, my point is that nobody in this thread has anything to brag about. We all have used cars and we all have the 'old' model. I just think we should all get along instead of trying undermine and clown each other.

Originally Posted by v_bimmer View Post
btw i see you are learning a lot in this thread, about engines and stuff, maybe you should add this to your notes, the first production e36 was build in 1992, in USDM atleast
I said one of the 1st, I know they came out in 92. I was this close to buying an e36 last year.
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