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2nd Hand Bimmer Vs. New Car

Alright, well here's a question i've been thinking about lately. Let's just say you started to work in your new job after graduateing from university. The amount of income you're earning is, let's say enough so that you can use a portion of it to buy a car.

My question is, let's say your spending limit plus tax has to be under $25,000 CDN. Would you...

a) buy a second hand bimmer (expecting the possibility that it could have been driven hard by the previous owner, or not)?

b) buy a brand new japanese car or a VW Golf/Jetta?

You can modify the car in terms of its apperance, but you might keep the performance mods down due to voiding the warrenty if you buy a new car. And for the used car scenario you can modify it but you may run into the trouble of electrical or other signs of problems that show up from a used car. And the amount of money you can spend modifying the car is minimal (let's say, $1000 max per year). Or you could not modify the car at all and save up for your future M3, well in my case

Which scenario would you choose and why?
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