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Originally Posted by A.K.A. Blackout
Sweet picks... I use to go to that show with my dad. He had an 89 780, and I had a 94 240 GLE. I so do miss those days, but I am glad I upgraded. I do think your car is absolutly gorgeous though MadChigga! I have always loved that look!
man, I hate my dad for buying a Volvo, I honestly wish he bought something else, some of those people are soooooooooooooooo retarded, i.e.

you see the wheels I have for display are for sale, an old guy walked by, "why you selling 18" wheels?"
me: "to upgrade your car's look and handling"
him: "I believe watever came on the car, stay that way"
me: "yea, you should've stay dead"

some twat: "I've had an SE before, they are factory tuned eh, they ride really rough eh? cause they got undercoated springs eh?"
me: "ugh sure"
some twat: "so how you lowered your car eh? is it factory?"
me: "no, custom coilovers"
some twat: "coil eh? what's the last word you said eh?"

there are few who are just really cool and do their own things, but I can understand the typical stereotype on Volvo crowds, its kinda weird.

and no hot chicks.
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