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Originally Posted by oldskool3
Is there a way that I can mesure my offset by any chance?

Also what sized tire would be good for a wheel that is 16"X7.5". I want something a little low profile but nothing insane or anything. Thanks a lot.

Good idea on the thread
I'd leave it to a wheel shop, you need a very precise meter. What wheel is that, sounds like those ACS replicas on sale here a while back (16x7.5" 4x100 wheels are rare, I'm just guessing here).

You can run 205/50/16 for sure, or if the offset is ET22-ET27 you can run a 225/45/16, which is better for obvious reasons. If I were you I'd mount a 205/50/16 (used one, cheap/free from a shop) on one wheel and try it on the front and rear of the car, just to see if you need spacers at all.
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