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I was on the track, it is a 180 degree turn, that I was taking comfortably at around 80km/h all day, after many times taking the turn, it gets to feel pretty normal, so I figure....I think I can go a little faster....except the truth is..I couldn't!
Anyway, I guess it was the way the turn is banked or something, but my car starts to oversteer....I am now completely sideways at around 90km/h, and i keep my foot in it, even though my 325e doesnt have a lot of power, both tires are spinning ( I have an LSD ) there is a lot of smoke, and somehow, I power out of the turn so smoothly. It was the best corner ever.....God I wish I had a video of that one!
Afterwards, the instructor, who happened to see the whole incident from the infield, said to me after I came in from that session..."You tried to go just a LITTLE faster didnt you!" haha, it was funny.
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