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mine was 160 in a closing left turn just a km away from my home. It was in my 316i compact that i wrecked that day. I was racing a Opel calibra that evening driving home from the pizza place. It was raining so the road was wet and i just would not let go the gas pedal. I still don't know what the f*** i was thinking that day. So my car spinned ( 2 times 360) ,across the other side of the road, hit the curb, right through a garden and BANG !!! crashed into a house where old ppl lived. I passed through the garage, INTO their kitchen and plus i hit a tank containing 300 liters of oil. So that was leaking too. My car was actually burried in the rocks and stuff. I could not open my door so i had to use the passenger door to get out. So i walked out of the car and everybody was like "where's the driver??? is he dead ? yeah ... he probably IS dead" And i was standing right next to those people with not even a scratch !!! It was a miracle (believe it or not, i think it WAS) All i had was some headache and my knee that hurted. I wasn't even wearing my seatbelt. I was in all the newspapers the next day.
Since then i definately learned a GOOD lesson and since then i will never ever drive that fast in turns anymore, i promised myself that. Still now when i think about that evening and how stupid i was, i have water in my eyes...
That BMW saved my life!
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