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I'm not sure what my fastest turn is, but the craziest was in my kitcar going around a cloverleaf at 180+km/h. I was racing a mitsubishi eclipse (or 3000gt, I honestly forget since it was many years ago now), and we both exited at warden after racing westbound on the 401. I was in the lead, and took the outer lane (Since I wanted to turn left on warden), and the mitsu took the inside lane. i took the turn so hard that I litterally hit my head against the glass on my door. The mitsu took it just as hard because I saw a bit of smoke, and then the next thing I know, I see his rear end coming at me!
Freaking out, I sped up, and moved over to the shoulder a bit as I watched him almost do a 360, and then drive off the road into a huge ditch by the bridge at warden!
I got out and saw that his car had completely flipped when it crashed down the hill, and I quickly called 911 from my buddy's house that night to report the accident, but was told people were already there on scene. I never did find out what the outcome was though.

'94 Supercharged E36 325is (150,000 original km's)
-Vortech V9 G-Trim @ ~10psi w/ BOV
-Shortstack headers
-Vortech RRFPR
-255LPH Walbro fuel pump
-TEIN SS Coilovers w/ Pillowball mounts
-Keskin KT1 17x8.5 & 17x10
-Remus full catback
-Authentic Rieger Infinity I body kit
-SMT6 EMS (Untuned)

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