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Quick update

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. It took a while to get everyone paid up and I really appreciate those that paid early. Those that have organized GBs before know my pain. Anyway, we finally got it all worked out, the order has been put in, and we're just waiting for delivery now. Hopefully by the end of next week(?) I know it's taking longer than some had hoped so thanks for the patience.

Next step is to organize the coding meet but I'll start doing that in a few days after I deal with some personal stuff. As always, email me if anything or PM me here and I'll try to get back to you asap.

Also, anyone interested in getting Mtech V3s let me know and I'll tally it up and put in an order with DimSum since he is able to get them. I believe it was $160 cash price for a set.
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