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Alarm GB

Since the mods over at another enthusiast site didn't like the fact that a non-sponsor was helping a bunch of us out with this GB I'm moving it to here in hopes that the mods here are more accommodating and it helps that Maranello is a sponsor here. Unfortunately this GB is currently closed to further participants in order for those of us who have committed to get our parts and complete the GB as soon as possible.

For those from the other site, here's the GB information again:

-- The Retrofit Kits --
For E90/92: Part# 65-12-0-403-658 - (PM if you need to remember since GB is closed)
For E93: Part# 65-73-0-427-835 - (PM if you need to remember since GB is closed)

Warranty: 2 years on the parts.

Compatibility: Cars that are pre-wired for the alarm system (option code SA 5GA). These particular kits are only compatible for E90/1/2/3 up to the production date of 03/09. Note a production date before 03/09 doesn't necessarily mean you're pre-wired either as pointed out by Rampage9. I think if your rear view mirror has the "rudolph nose" then it's a good sign you're pre-wired but you should follow one of the DIY's to verify the wiring as well.

For the E93 guys: Please note that your price is cheaper because your retrofit kit does NOT come with an ultrasonic sensor for motion detection. It is an add-on to the retrofit kit to get the interior protection and will require additional parts. Info obtained via I have pricing for those extra parts if you wish to add interior protection as well so PM / email me (was in a PM I sent at the other site).

Group Buy Closes: Currently CLOSED. Please start paying for the retrofit kits.
Payments to be received by: end of business Nov. 15, 2011.
Delivery: About 2 weeks for delivery from Germany if they have stock.
Payment Method: Made by directly contacting Mike. Preferred form of communication is either via email or PM here (maranellobmw). You could try to call him up as well but it's more reliable via electronic communication for tracking purposes and the fact he can't always make it to the phone. He will need your contact information as well as credit card to process the payment. If you need shipping then discuss with Mike as he is normally able to ship for pretty reasonable rates. Also please let him know you are part of Alfred's Alarm Group Buy.

*A big thanks to the often copied but never duplicated Mike for doing this for us*

-- Install + Code --
Full Indie Option Info - (see next post)

As for the full dealer option. It's a bit trickier. From my discussion with Mike, the official install steps from BMW suggests vehicles be checked for newer software and updated prior to retrofit coding. Since it's a dealer, they generally have to follow these instructions. Here's the tricky part, this software update portion can be a bit unpredictable in time as it depends on how much new software is available for your vehicle relative to what is currently loaded. It's tough for the dealer not to charge something while the updates are run because it takes up one of their bays. Therefore it might be difficult to have a fixed price for this option. Mike is currently able to work out a discount on the labour but will see what further can be done once his service manager returns from vacation on the 14th. I understand if people want to hold off paying for the part until I get this information so I've adjusted the dates accordingly.

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