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Purchase advice needed. '99 528i.

Hey guys, I posted this on bimmerforums and I'll just paste it here too.

I looking to buy myself a E39 528i and I think I found one, I just need some pre-purchase advice/help/tips, anything will be greatly appreciated.

The car I found is a 1999 BMW 528I SPORT & Premium package. It has 77,000KM (not miles, KMs) and it is being sold for $16,500 CDN. Does this seem to good to be true? And it has 6 months of powertrain warranty. It is being sold by a dealership.

What sort of things should I look for when I go to see the car? I really don't know, its the second car I am buying. My current car is a 95 VW Jetta GLX VR6. What can I expect from this BMW in terms of reliability? I plan to keep it until about 150,000 KMs. I read somewhere that its better to b uy 2001+ 5ers because of something to do with the engine block being made of a different type of metal or something like that. Are the 99 5ers ok? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Soon to be owner of a 5er!
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