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I have posted before..but i will post again just to make things more clear....

This goes out to everyone that HASNT been to a shop yet...and please..whoever went to any other store dont comment because in the end, this thread will also be closed..and everyone is tired of that...

Ok...if you havent been to a shop yet and you are looking around..just ask your self....who here on max, has the best cars? my asnwer to this will be, people such as the moderators, because they have enough knowledge, and more mature, therefore their cars are done properly, second people that you could see have the sickest comments and replies that are full of knowledge...look those kind of people up..and you will know where they go...and of them go to the place i mentioned up there..if you dont know the place..then il tell you the first letter..its..

Current Lineup:
'94 e36 Euro M3 Coupe (Avus Blue)
'95 e36 Euro M3 Coupe (Cosmos Black)
'95 e36 Alpina B3 Edition 30 Sedan 1 of 20 (Alpina Blue)
'96 e36 Euro Individual Coupe (Dakar Yellow)
'98 e36 Euro M3 Coupe (Dakar Yellow)
'99 e36 Euro M3 Coupe (Silver)
'02 e46 318Ti Compact (Alpine White)

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Slamation Nation..Wesa

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