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Originally Posted by SickFinga View Post
Except it is not illegal to lower your car, so government is not looking out for pedestrians. Also both cars in this thread, MK3 Golf and E36, were not designed for pedestrian safety in mind. Simply because when those cars were designed, I don't think a single country had any rules regarding pedestrian safety.
sure fine they didnt have pedestrian safety in mind at the time of those cars design but it still doesnt change OTHER height clearances that were in place at that time ie. curbs etc....btw pedestrian safety is fairly new concept that is brought forth by innovative automakers however the IHSA etc....are loving it based on the results they are seeing and its only a matter of time before it does become a basic rule in car manufacturing.

lowering a car is illegal. technically you cannot safety certify a vehicle that has modified suspension (this is in the guide book that mechanic's use). Places like saskatchewan etc...wont even safety cars that are lowered or raised...100 percent of the time these mods are done AFTER the safety (since saskatchewan only requires 1 PERMANENT safety for the entire lifetime of that car no matter how many people buy it)
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